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What They Say About Us

“To be able to read for pleasure is to unlock the gates of the universe, and with these books, Jon Connell has provided a real key. Not only do they increase the enjoyment of the great classics included in the set, but they explain the pleasure to be found in all works of literature.”
Julian Fellowes 

Romeo and Juliet  is as inspiring to read as it is to watch. This guide illuminates the text without losing any of the passion and is essential reading for all Shakespeare students.”
Dame Judi Dench, on the guide to Romeo and Juliet 

“What fantastic guides these are – I wish I’d had them when I was eighteen.”
Emma Thompson

 “Completely brilliant. I wish I were young again with these by my side. I am going to read them all. It’s like being in a room with marvellous tutors and approachable boffins. You can’t really afford to be without them, and they are a joy to read.”
Joanna Lumley

 “Clear, concise, eloquent and well-argued. I only wish I’d had this guide when I was still a student.”
David Nicholls on the guide to Tess of the d’Urbervilles

 “These books are testament to the phrase “Big things come in small packages”. Like the little door in Alice, these little books will open youngsters and oldersters to wide wonderlands of the classics. As with The Week, Connell has the gift of making the daunting and overwhelming accessible and digestible. Yipee!”
Helena Bonham Carter